Cargo sales

Expert in Sales Service

As a professional GSSA (General Sales and Service Agency) Company, our goal is your profit. We offer the good sales services to help our customers.

Since 2012, we’ve provided extra ordinary services by hiring professional GSA person because we consider sales is a core activity and it should be handled by professional. We would be proud if your company consider us as part of your team.

Our services including:

Targeted sales using market analysis and local expertise

Expert knowledge of local and international markets

Experienced and highly motivated sales teams


Well-trained team in aviation sales and operation acknowledge
Sales Promotions
Back Office Support 24/7
Flight Information Inquiries
Monitoring and information on ground transport service (Connections between airport)
We handle all types of the nature goods
General Cargo
Perishables Cargo
Oversize Cargo
Pharma Cargo
DGR Cargo
Post and mail
Valuable Cargo