NLU/AIFA the new cargo warehouse of AD Aircargo in Mexico

We have an area of 15,000.00 m2 for domestic cargo enabled as a strategic controlled área

Importation of goods in transit for periods of up to 36 months
Compliance with trade rules prior to importation
Deferral of payment of taxes and duties until the goods to be imported are used.
On-site processing, configuration, labelling and forwarding of products

Our Cargo warehouse is one of the 12 first line warehouses at AIFA’s. our 5.184 m2 are fully equipped to attend any type of airfreight. We are already able to handle 1.100 tonnes simoultaneously which equals to 5 B777 freighters simoultaneously.

Additionally, for our customers we offer 1.140 m2 of fully equipped office space with direct Access to the apron to make easier your supervisión of the cargo operations.

The domestic cargo terminal enabled as a Strategic Fiscal Area, borders the International Terminal and has direct access to the platform, which allows integration with international cargo operations having as main benefits:

The facility also has last mile services, where you can prepare and send your products directly in parcel and courier service with routing systems for more than 6,000 packages per hour and with nationwide coverage.

Strategic Fiscal Precinct (Customs Warehouse) 36 months stowage and IMMX Service Program compliance with commercial standards before importation, UVA, deferral of duties and taxes until final import. Without additional costs and with the possibility of re-exporting to third countries).